WAGNER 915 -1,500-Watt Steam Cleaner

Wagner 915 Steam Cleaner

A popular steam cleaner is the Wagner 915 pictured at the left. This model replaces the previous Wagner 905 with some very minor improvements and some less than wonderful oversights.

One improvement is the lighter weight than the Wagner 905 model. This may be because of the shorter electrical plug and shorter steamer hose. We suspect that the shorter steamer hose was a deliberate attempt at maintaining a higher steam output temperature. You see, the longer the hose, the greater a chance the steam cools down by the time it reaches the nozzle…




What Is It Good For?

This steam cleaner was marketed mostly for wallpaper removal. And it does a fine job of that. But it will also remove the baked-on kitchen grease like that found in ovens or stuck between your stovetop and counter. And don’t forget the backsplash areas, refrigerators, dishwashers and more. You’ll also love it in the bathroom where it will sanitize everything in and around the toilet as well as the tile grouting that can develop mould.

CAUTION: You may be tempted to steam clean your hardwood floors. DON’T. It is not recommended according to the manual. We highly suggest reading any steam cleaner manual before getting started.




Keep Your Garments, Fabric and Upholstery Clean & Fresh

Because of the accessory tools, this canister steamer falls into the sub-category of being a hand held steamer. Hand held models are great at removing wrinkles, deodorizing and sanitizing fabrics all at the same time. And it does it without any chemicals! 

One great place to use it is in and around your bed where mattress seams can harbour some unwanted visitors. Yes, we mean – BED BUGS – eeek!!!
Just steam over the bed seams and other hiding areas and you’re safe to sleep. The heat from the steam will kill bugs and their eggs quickly. The steam will also kill mites, bacteria, germs and other viruses.




Should You Buy The Wagner 915 Steam Cleaner?

Although there are some shortcomings, it does a fairly good job at getting your dirty and stained areas clean and fresh. Some customers have said they see no difference between the before and after cleaning. This may be because they have not given the Wagner 915 steam cleaner a chance to heat up sufficiently.




Our recommendation before using, is to fill the tank up completely with the 48oz. of water (distilled if possible). This will ensure that you don’t have to wait for a lengthy cool down period (up to 20 minutes) to add additional water if you need to steam clean more than you anticipated.


- Easy to set up
- Light in weight
- Great on cement floors
- Terrific at removing pet stains
- 1500 watts 





- NO WATER LEVEL INDICATOR makes it hard to know if there is water in the tank. CAUTION: You don’t want to open the tank to check because it can emit a fair amount of steam and boiling water. (allow sufficient time to cool down)
- Water needs to reheat and build up steam pressure often when used continuously
- Short electrical cord (youèll need to purchase a grounded extension)
- Good time management skills required as you need to keep aware of the tank drying out and entering a boiled-dry situation

- Powerful 1,500-watt steam cleaner
- Wallpaper remover
- Kills bacteria
- Sanitizes
- Average Pre-heat time: 12 minute
- Max. Running time with full tank: 45 min.
- Weight less than 18 pounds
- Continuous OR intermittent steam using fingertip control 
Comes with a wallpaper steam plate, floor cleaning head and pad, window and tile squeegee, and two extension handles to reach all areas. 
(2 x extension wands, 1 x jet nozzle, 2 x nozzle brushes, 1x wallpaper steam plate, 1x large cleaning brush, 1 x tile squeegee).





As we see it, the Wagner 915 has one flaw and one minor inconvenience. The flaw is the missing water level indicator. The inconvenience is that it’s a bit slow to reach the right working temperature. If you can get past these issues, you will find that it does a good job of steam cleaning – especially in removing wallpaper.

Let’s face it, the whole process of house cleaning is a real pain and one hopes that cleaning products can make light work of this tedious chore. The Wagner 915 can help, but it should be seen more as another tool in your arsenal of household cleaners. While it may not necessarily save you time, it can take the break out of backbreaking and make the whole process of cleaning, sanitizing and freshening less work and a bit more tolerable.


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