McCulloch Steam Cleaner – MC-1275

In researching the McCulloch Steam Cleaner we came across many customer remarks that were totally at the opposite ends of the spectrum when describing  the same identical function. You have to wonder why that is. Is it because the product is a lemon? Is it because it is not being used properly? Or is it an over-expectation of some sort?

As a researcher, you begin to tally up the more logical customer reviews and the balance shifts enough to make sense of the opposing views. In the case of the McCulloch Steam Cleaner, the clues all point to there being a certain degree of each observation made above.

McCulloch Steam Cleaner

Let’s start with the arrival of the unit. It seems from the get-go, that many people just don’t read the manual! They fill it up and “play” with the unit.

BEWARE: Read the manual before starting any house cleaning! Like any machine, the McCulloch MC-1275 can be a good friend or your worst enemy. Remember, you are handling extremely hot steam. It is important to handle it with care lest you damage what you are cleaning or worse, scald yourself.

If you’ve seen any tv commercials for steam cleaners, it’s easy to expect that these babies literally peel away dirt, grease, grime and mold like searing lasers going through butter. NO. They do not. This is not a laser, it is NOT a power washer with blasting jets of water. It is steam. Much like a steam iron, only a tad more powerful. So if you think that you can rub away that nasty BBQ buildup, or the stubborn mould in your bathroom grouting with a quick hit of steam – think again.  More often than not, stubborn grime will demand that you hold the steam in place for much longer than you care to. It also means a bit of elbow grease may be needed.


The McCulloch will do the work of steaming and make it easier for you to clean, but that doesn’t mean you are free of some amount of tedium. This is where some client complaints may appear. We say: Be realistic.



- It leaves too much water.
Some customers are surprised to see water left on surfaces they are cleaning. No disrespect here, but what did you think steam was? Steam is hot water vapor, that will, in large amounts revert to it’s liquid form as soon as it cools. Expect there to be water, and expect to dry it up with a cloth.

-The accessories are lousy
Just because the name says “McCulloch MC-1275 HEAVY-DUTY Steam Cleaner” doesn’t mean you should use the bristle brush tips like a hammer. These are plastic extensions that get very heated themselves and can indeed buckle and break when too much steam and pressure is exerted. 

It is important to remember that this is not a commercial steam cleaning machine. It is for light residential use and as such requires a more gentle touch. For someone who’s impatient and just wants the x/%*\## machine to clean, these are not words that make one sympathetic to a machine’s limited abilities.

The McCulloch Steam Cleaner comes with a storage compartment to carry10 attachments. Attachments include:

  • 2 extension wands
  • a triangle brush
  • an upholstery/floor brush
  • a utility brush
  • a squeegee
  • funnel
  • measuring cup
  • a terry cover for the floor brush
At 13 lbs., this steam cleaner will hold 50-ounces of water which is enough for approximately 1 hour of steaming. 

1. When possible use demineralized water. You can get it free by using the water from your dehumidifier (if you own one). This will help prevent calcification of the water tank.
2. After use, leave the cap off the tank to air it out. This will help prevent mold from forming and clogging your tank.
3. Allow sufficient time for the water to heat up. If you try to use it too soon, it won’t be as effective.
4. Do not completely fill the tank. 2/3 of the way (about 40oz.) allows more room for the steam to build up.
5. Clean occassionaly with a decalcifier or white distilled vinegar. Let it sit overnight and empty the next day.
6. When taking the cap off, allow the unit to cool off first. Prior to removing the cap, squeeze on the trigger to releash any pressure and residual steam.
7. Have cloths with you to sop up the water and loosened dirt or grime after steaming.
8. Do not underfill, or else you will have to wait for it to cool down before refilling and completing your steam cleaning. This can be a time-waster.
9. If you are sensitive to loud noises, you may want to wear ear plugs. This machine can get loud.
10. Don’t force any of the accessory nozzles and extensions. You are better off scrubbing with a solid bristle brush or similar tool than relying on the plastic parts this machine comes with.


Besides bathrooms and kitchens, she McCulloch MC-1275 is  designed to clean cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats, upholstery, carpets, floor mats, car engines, car wheels, chrome, BBQ grills, patio furniture and more.It does this without the use of cleaning solutions and also sanitizes whatever it cleans rendering germs, bacteria, mites, bed bugs, mould and viruses dead and inactive. These are wonderful functions that make a house a cleaner, healthier place to live.

- One complaint that is justified is the lack of a water level indicator. Pretty big oversight.
- Less than durable accessories

- Insufficient room for all the accessories

As a whole, our society wants the fastest, strongest, cheapest, coolest products around. We tend to expect too much from the people who manufacture the things we like to buy or own. This is no different for Steam Cleaners.

Unless you are ready to pay for a commercial steam cleaner like the Ladybug, it makes good sense to treat any consumer steamer with a bit more care. Setting a more realistic cleaning goal is also less stressful. This doesn’t mean, however, that a machine should fall apart the first week it is used!

In the case of the McCulloch Steam Cleaner, most consumers who have bought this machine, are pleased with the results. Yes, there are some shortcomings as stated above, but all-in-all, even customers who complained did so with the intent to let us in on the machine’s less-than-hoped-for functions.

Overall, the McCulloch Steam Cleaner will get the job done quite well and at a fair price.





If you are interested in the McCulloch Steam Cleaner you can purchase it here.

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