McCulloch Steam Cleaner – Is This The One To Buy?

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On January 26, 2012
Last modified:April 8, 2012


The McCulloch Steam Cleaner has most consumers who have bought this machine, pleased with the results. Yes, there are some shortcomings, but all-in-all, even customers who complained did so with the intent to let us in on the machine’s "less-than-hoped-for" functions. Overall, the McCulloch Steam Cleaner will get the job done quite well and at a fair price.

It’s fascinating how two people can have such opposing views on a product. Some twitter away in absolute adoration and say it is the greatest…others broil in frustration, spitting blood over their purchase. Is this display of emotions more about the person or the product?

After considerable study, it appears to be a mixture of both. Clearly, some people have unrealistic expectations while others are satisfied in wonderment that steam can actually clean things all by itself with no detergents. 

McCulloch Steam Cleaner

The McCulloch Steam Cleaner, like many other steam cleaners, continues attracting mixed reviews from customers who have purchased the MC-1275.

It requires careful analysis on the part of any reviewer or person researching a product pre-purchase, to make sense of what the real issues are.

In our review of the the McCulloch Steam Cleamer, we have narrowed down the Good, Bad, and Ugly points that really matter if you are going to purchase the McCulloch MC-1275.

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  1. sandy samson

    I am interested inone. used one at the neighbors and for the most part was satisfied

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