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The Carpet Steam Cleaner To Beat


If you’ve arrived at this page, you would be one of the many many thousands who are interested in the Hoover SteamVac F5914900 with Clean Surge. This is no surprise to those who have already purchased this model. For many owners of this steamvac, it is the end-all and a lifesaver when it comes to maintaining carpets. By the same token, there are a number who are dissatisfied with some of its design or functionality. Nevertheless, it has the highest ratings for a steamvac. A quick glance at the number of real customer reviews and star rating should give you a feeling of confidence in buying this model.

The Hoover SteamVac is a great choice for getting down deep into the carpet fibers and doing some serious cleaning! This is done by functioning in a similar manner to the commercial carpet cleaning machines that you can rent and the one’s that home cleaning companies use. Other than the motor power, water capacity and durability, the Hoover SteamVac is pretty much the same.

Why Should You Buy The Hoover?

It all boils down to this – Excellent Cleaning Results at a Terrific Price!
If you go by what the customer comments say, it is really a great product to have. Let’s look at some remarks.

But first, let’s clear up some misrepresentation – This vac does not use steam. It uses hot water and cleaning solution. If it sounds a bit misleading – you would be correct. But Hoover is not the only one to call their product a “Steam” vacuum cleaner. You can read more about that here: Steam cleaners – The Dirty Little Secret.

Is The Hoover SteamVac Good For Stairs and Upholstery?
The SteamVac F5914 comes with the necessary accessories to clean carpeted stairs, rugs, tiles, upholstery, chair seats, linoleum and hard floors. Please note, that this machine is NOT RECOMMENDED FOR WOOD FLOORING. For cleaning wood floors, we recommend a steam cleaner with real steam. AKA – Steam Mops.

What Are The Hoover SteamVac’s Main Features?
- The 3-Speed Brush Control can be used on high for regular cleaning, low for gentle cleaning and off to suction up spills
- There is a “Tool Mode” that stops the scrub brushes when cleaning hard floors
- Brushes are removable for easy cleaning
- Easy to fill dual tanks keep the cleaning solution separate from the dirty water
- The Clean Surge feature gives a one button application of additional detergent solution for difficiult stains
- You can apply heat  which will dry your carpet or floor much faster
- There’s an 8′ Hose that can stretch for extended reach
-  You never have to change belts because there aren’t any
- The SpinScrub feature can remove dirt from every angle
- Limited one-year warranty
- Use the extra tools including a powered SpinScrub Hand Tool for cleaning stairs, upholstery and stains.


Now from some PRO and CON paraphrased excerpts of consumer reviews of this product. Though we must say it was pretty hard to find the negative comments.

“…it can cleans just as well or better than a rental machine”
“…my Bissel sucked up the dirty water immediately upon starting. But the Hoover takes several passes”.
“…I owned an earlier version of this SteamVac and it lasted me 10 years”.
“…are ALL of the steam vacuum cleaner so cheaply made”.
“…it cleaned my very dirty stair carpeting that I wanted to replace. Now I no longer  have to”.
“…it is hard to operate and has a clumsy design as well as materials and workmanship that are poor quality”.
“…I just can’t say enough – I love this vac. The Hoover’s product design is MUCH easier than the Bissel.
“…when I started I had a problem when I released the trigger –  the spray stayed on”.
“…The Clean Surge on the Hoover SteamVac is great in cleaning the heavy traffic areas”. 
“…When switching from upright to hose, there’s a lot of leaking –  it’s not a good system for switching”.
“…it’s just absolutely amazing how well it cleans…there were old tar stains in the carpet from several years before, and even that came out”.

Clearly, the remarks all leave something to think about. But it is important to remember that no matter what product one buys, there will be positive and negative reviews. It is a matter of balancing it all out. If the negative reviews are few and far between, you can consider that the people who have bought this product were either expecting more than they got, received a lemon or detected a problem that Hoover should seriously look at.




Cord Length: 20 Feet
Brush Speed: Three – Speed
Heated Cleaning
Available in CA & USA
Motor Amps: 12 Amps
Motor Volts: 120 Volts
Nozzle Type: Rug and Floor Nozzle
Clean Surge
Assembly Required: Screw Driver
Clean Water Capacity: 133 Ounce(s)
Weight: 20 Pounds
Cleaning Solution Included: 1 x 16 oz. bottle
On Board Tools
Upholstery Brush



There are pros and cons for all carpet steamers. It depends on what your expectations are. The best way to know what this Steam Cleaner is capable of, is to look at some before and after images taken by customers. The results are pretty amazing. One of the most interesting things to note, is how so many people exclaimed that they never knew how filthy their carpets were until they used this machine.

We say, that if a product has a clear indication of good value, give it a try. Certainly, the Hoover SteamVac is one such product!


If the Hoover Steamvac is what youère looking for, you can purchase it here at a great price.



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