DIRT DEVIL STEAM MOP – Review of The Good, Bad & Ugly

The Dirt Devil Steam Mop - Model PD20008

Dirt Devil PD20000B Easy Steam Deluxe 1500-Watt Steam Mop with Bonus Pads Dirt Devil is well known for their vacuum cleaners and produce products that are well liked and highly rated.

In the steam cleaning department, they have several models including a canister/handheld steam cleaner which we will review shortly. In the meantime let’s look at the good, the bad and the ugly of their main upright steam mop.

First, let’s say that shiny and red does not a steam mop make. Although very cool looking with their branded color and fine styling, there are some things that the Dirt Devil Steam Mop can improve upon.

The Dirt Devil features 1500 watts of power to deliver sufficient temperature to clean and sanitize most  of the nasty germs, bugs and bacteria as well remove the difficult stains that perhaps other products can’t. All without expensive or toxic cleaning solutions. With it’s pivoting head design, you’ll be able to get into many of the tight places around chairs, furniture and toilets with little problem.

Included with this steam mop is a fill cup, 2 microfibre cloths that are washable, a dusting pad and a glider to pass the steam mop over your carpet easily and clean the surface areas. It uses regular tap water, though it is best to use distilled water so as to prolong the life of the heating elements. A big plus is that it heats up quite quickly – usually from 30 seconds to a minute. This makes it the kind of unit that is easy and fast to set up for cleaning. You’ll also appreciate that there is a water level indicator and a “steam ready” indicator light.

The Dirt Devil Steam Mop will work on tile floors, laminate floors, wood floors and linoleum floors. There is a question mark about using this on “Stick On Flooring”. It is always best to double check the manual or test a small area before proceeding.


There is not much to report here other than some people who have purchased this model felt it was on the flimsy side. This is a typical complaint of many steam mops. In trying to keep the weight of the unit down both for consumer use and to avoid higher manufacturing and shipping costs, many steam mops are made with plastic instead of aluminum or other more durable materials.

At under $50, you can complain but we say it’s got great value. See our VALUE RATING for the dirt devil 2000B here 

Even if it only lasts a year, it’s paid for itself…There is also an issue with the head of the steam mop lifting up when pulling backwards. This seems to be controllable by slowing down the motion.

When it comes to ugly, the Dirt Devil Steam Mop is not that hideous. Only because it’s ugliest feature is one that is a common-day occurance for almost any product bought. This is the dreaded LEMON. Like many a machine, you could end up with a lemon. In researching the many reviews left by costumers, there were enough complaints of machines dying an early death that it was worth the mention. In most cases there was no problem in receiving a brand new one from the company.


The Dirt Devil PD20000B Easy Steam Deluxe 1500-Watt Steam Mop is without a doubt a good value. Easy to set up and use and light enough to make your cleaning a less tedious and faster experience.It would be nice to get a machine that lasted forever, self regulated everything and more durable than candy on a stick, but let’s be real – it’s a steam mop. Basically a tea pot with holes and a long handle. 

It’s been said that this steam mop is a great “Beginner” mop. We say that it’s a fair description. Buy one, try it out and see if it even makes your cleaning routine easier. If it works out – great! You’ve got a keeper that will please you until it falls apart. If the whole notion of steam cleaning your floors is ho-hum (yawn), you may also be delightfully surprised.

If this turns out to be an ugly experience, fret not. There are other steam mops that can save the day – though slightly more expensive.


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