The Bissell Steam and Sweep gets quite a lot of search requests on the internet, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a big seller. Nevertheless, this review will try to address the pros and cons of the Steam and Sweep as expressed by those who have purchased it.
To begin, this model comes in a small package and requires a simple and quick assembly with a Philips head screwdriver. A bit of confusion is presented here, though we don’t understand why. This machine clearly states that it is a sweeper, yet many people seem to be upset that there is not enough suction power. Clearly, it is not a vacuum – hence the name Steam and “Sweep”. Apparently some purchasers feel that it should function like a vacuum. When it doesn’t, there is some disappointment and negative reviews.
Let’s be very clear about this. A sweeper, pushes dirt around. In the case of the Bissell Steam and sweep, the dirt is pushed into a little tray. If you can accept this as being the maximum amount of dirt removal, your expectations will be met and it will be no surprise if there is some heavier residue left over. And being a sweeper, don’t expect it to siphon up fine dust. If the kids drop some cereal on the floor, if there is rice, dog hair, bread crumbs and the like, it will definitely grab and sweep that up.
On a more positive note, the steam function works fine. The problems start, when you try and do both. Because the vacuum head is at the very front, any dirt that is missed is quickly zapped with steam. The resulting goop, which is a mix of whatever has been left behind and the moistness of the steam, begins to accumulate into a bit of a mess.It seems that a thorough sweeping or dare we suggest a real vacuuming precede the steaming. (Which would really defeat the purpose of owning this particular model). You see, as a sweeper, it is just ok. As a steamer it is fine. Which begs the question:
Well, there is an answer to that. If you’re the type of person who is thrilled to have a quick, easy way to get some ery light floor cleaning done and can live without perfection, this machine can do that for you.
What Are The Biggest Complaints With The Bissell Steam and Sweep?
Like any product that must satisfy the sometimes lofty dreams of demanding consumers, there are some stumbling blocks when using this product.
- In order to steam, you need to hold down the trigger function. Unfortunately, when doing a large area, this can get downright painful – especially if you have arthritic problems. Some people have resorted to using elastic bands and spring clips to hold the trigger in place.

- Because the vacuum part of the Steam and Sweep is at the very front, the steam function will not easily address the baseboards and corners of a room. There is going to be a 2″ gap of unsteamed area all around the room. The workaround here, is to steam with the side of the Bissell against the wall.
- The Steam and Sweep has been known to leave streaks and a dull finish.
- The large head of this product and difficult maneuverability, does not please many people when it comes to doing small areas – especially in the bathroom around toilets and tight corners.
-There are complaints of using both the vacuum and steam function together at the same time. Missed dirt tends to cling to the soggy pad. It is strongly advised to do a sweep only first and then do a steam only cleaning afterward.
What Are The Best Comments Made About The Bissell Sweep and Steam?
- It’s very lightweight
- The small container of water lasts a long time allowing you steam clean quite a large area

- Quiet enough so that your dogs won’t be tempted to attack the looming threat against all of humanity :)
- It heats up and is ready to steam clean very fast
- Ready to work when the need arises
- Chemical-free cleaning
- Long 30′ power cord
- Lies flat to easily access areas under furniture

If you’ve got a lot of flooring to clean, hate sweeping and bending over constantly to scoop dirt into a dustpan, are fed up with feeling a “sticky” floor, and just want a quick and simple way to get the job done….are not a clean freak with overblown expectations…then the Bissell Steam and Sweep will do a fair job in keeping you home floors in decent shape.

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