bionaire steam mop

The Bionaire Steam Mop gave us hope that this would be the steam mop to beat all steam mops. After all, look at the name – synonymous with cleaning. Well, as it turns out, many consumers felt the same way. But after turning over their hard earned cash, they were less than thrilled. We studied many customer reviews and the verdict is in for this model.


-Good for very light cleaning


-Not a durable design
-Handle is prone to breaking
-Fear of breakage when applying pressure on floor


Although a few people were accepting of the Bionaire Steam Mop’s minor design and cleaning issues, it is of little comfort to read that this steam mop should be handled with care. Nonsense, we say. Are we transporting eggs here? Is this a newborn baby? No.

This is a steam mop and it should be designed to withstand the basic push and pull forces placed on it. It should not break when trying to clean a stubborn stain on the first go-around.

What is going on here? Can’t a consumer buy something of value? Speaking of value, this steam mop has a VALUE RATING of only 22.9 as indicated on our value rating page. (see Bionaire Steam Mop)

Here are just a few excerpts from people who have purchased this product:

“…handle not as secure as other models….handled with care.” 
“…second handle broke in December”
“…the hand grip cracks and breaks off on the very first push….”
“…handle cracked after the second use”


With this kind of feedback coming from the majority of buyers, it is only fitting to limit this recommendation. If you have extremely light work to do and are not fussy about the results you get, then this steam vac, may do the job. We, however, discourage buying the Bionaire Steam Mop when there are so many other brands and models available that are more effective, equally priced and better built.



As an alternative, we suggest these steam mops which will offer up the cleaning results and durability one should expect.

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